03 August 2009

Fast Ed’s Dinner in 10

by Ed Halmagyi

Random House Australia. Australian, Adult Other. Paperback rrp $34.95

Here is a cookbook that is well laid out, easily read and simple to use! The only problem is you have to get past those very “master chef” names. I love cookbooks and was eager to try!

I flipped the pages thinking “Yeah – I’m a busy woman who never gets time to whip up a nice dinner – but here is a cookbook that allows me to cook dinner in 10 minutes. If it’s true – it’s just what I need”. And while many of the recipes are ones I will use, readers should beware - it is the actual cooking time that is 10 minutes, preparation time is not included!

Egyptian Beef Kofte sounded just delicious but surely something only a top chef would make? I looked at the recipe with trepidation but found to my surprise the recipe is actually … really easy! And the end result is pretty yummy!

There are other recipes such as the Barbecued Quails with Prosciutto, Pear and Basil Salad that are more advanced and include hard to find ingredients. However, reading through the steps made even this recipe appear easy. I think I might try it next week!

Of course the desserts got me running to the supermarket to get a few more ingredients to stock up and start cooking! YUM YUM YUM. Triple-stacks of Spice Biscuits, Mango and Brandy Custard with Blueberry Salad. See what I mean – big names, mouth watering ingredients and end results you can be proud of.

There are over 100 recipes and I am looking forward to inviting a few guests over for an adult dinner party – something I haven’t thought about doing for years because 1. I am a mother of young children and 2. Time Time Time – or lack there of! Even if it’s not just ten minutes in total, I can certainly fit these recipes in.

Ed Halmagyi is a trained chef and is the cooking presenter on Better Homes and gardens TV & New Idea TV and has hosted his own show Fast Ed’s Fast Food and contributes regularly to the Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

The mouth is watering – sorry - have to go and cook!

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