04 August 2009

A Bit of Company

by Margaret Wild. Illustrated by Wayne Harris

Walker Books. Australian, Junior. Paperback RRP $15.95

Guest Reviewer Jo Burnell

Have you ever felt so lonely, you wanted to SCREAM?

Christopher did.

The birth of a baby brother or sister can make life lonely, but when Christopher’s mum has triplets, the world changes dramatically. What does a little boy do when Mum is always busy?

Reaching across boundaries is hard. Fences get in the way. Luckily for Christopher, Molly MacNamara screams. How else can she let the world know that she too, is lonely?

A Bit of Company is a touching tale about loneliness, and a possible cure.

Wayne Harris’ illustrations of backyard suburbia are enlivened by Christopher’s tail-wagging sidekick and Molly MacNamara’s cats.

When chaos builds the answer is simple. Everyone needs A Bit of Company.

This deceptively simple storyline will resonate with anyone who has had to cope with the arrival of younger siblings, or loneliness of any kind.

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