04 June 2009

The Immortal

by Michael Panckridge

black dog books. Junior, Young Adult, Australian. Paperback rrp $16.99

I am a big fan of Michael Panckridge and the skilful twists I’ve come to expect from his plots. I was not disappointed in his latest young adult novel The Immortal.

A special potion that gives a person immortality. Could it be possible? What happens if you are accidentally injected with a potion that does just that but then you are locked into a tunnel in the side of the cliffs, never to be found? Forever. You don’t need food, water or air, but could there be something else you need?

Cameron has been sent to spend two weeks at a summer holiday cottage by the sea for children. He isn’t keen about going but his father, Glen, is very busy at work. Besides Glen used to go there as a child and had wonderful times exploring the cliffs. He hopes Cameron will too. But what Cameron finds is ghosts and voices.

The Immortal is a gripping, thought-provoking story. If you have ever wished for immortality – after reading this, you will think again.

Panckridge’s The Cursed and The Vanishings were reviewed in Issues 4 and 6 respectively.


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