03 June 2009

Journey of the Sea Turtle

by Mark Wilson

Hachette Children’s Books. Australian, Picture, Young Reader. Paperback rrp $16.99, Hardback rrp $28.99

Finding Nemo introduced many children to a range of new and interesting sea creatures and one of the most treasured finds for my children was the sea turtles. So I was thrilled to find a book that not only had beautiful, vibrant paintings I’d love to hang on my walls, but a great story that all my children loved to read and learn from.

Journey of the Sea Turtle follows the life of the sea turtle from hatchling to adult. And we think that we have it bad! From 1,000 eggs only one hatchling will survive to adult hood.

This cleverly written story explores the dangers one sea turtle faces, from the natural selection of beasts through to the problems man-kind has created, in a manner young children can easily understand. The journey is hard and the shadows that can mean death to the turtle can also mean life and salvation.

Journey of the Sea Turtle is an excellent resource for preschools and primary schools – young listeners and readers will be entertained while learning the importance of environmental issues in our ocean.


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