19 June 2009

100% Hero

by Jayne Lyons

Random House Australia. Junior, Young Adult, Australian. Paperback rrp $15.95

Here is a book that an adult really really enjoyed! Yes it is a book for primary school children but why should they get all the fun?

Freddy Lupin is a werewolf living with his father and housekeeper in the family’s historic Farfang Castle. He is only ten years of age but he has already saved the family and is a hero (the story can be read in 100% Wolf).

But Freddy has some problems. First Freddy, on the night of his Transwolftation (when a werewolf transforms from a man to a wolf), transforms into a poodle and not a wolf in front of Priscilla, the only girl he has ever liked. His father, as a wolf, is captured by a television reporter and placed in the local zoo.

Freddy is taken away from the Castle and sent off to camp with Priscilla. But the camp isn’t the adventure camp that Freddy is hoping for. When his clothes are burnt and he is given pink tights and ballet slippers Freddy realises he must dance to save his life!

On top of all this there is the problem of people trying to find the Treasure of Bane within Farfang Castle. But who will stop them while Freddy and his father are otherwise detained?

100% Hero is a story that is a humorous introduction to fantasy for young readers. A very funny and engaging book. 100% Hero is the sequel to 100% Wolf and while it can be read on its own, I would advise all readers to read 100% Wolf first. It’s just that much fun.



  1. A lovely review is only as good as the great book we got to review... thank you for writing it!
    Barbara Brown