20 April 2009

How Big is Big?

by 1-2W Curl Curl North Public School and Gretel Watson

ABC Books. Young Reader, Junior, Australian. Paperback rrp $16.95

Here is a book that was created by young Australian primary students, for young primary school students. The result - a unique book that should be used in schools everywhere!

All the artwork/collage has been done by the students and the questions are aimed for children aged between five and … well I was struggling to answer some!

The children go on an excursion around Australia to discover “How Big is Big?”. As they travel from the Big Banana, to the Big Prawn to the Big Pineapple, they find that things just keep getting bigger and bigger. When they hit the Great Barrier Reef they feel they may have discovered the answer. But then Uluru comes along!

Along the journey there are important mathematical problems to solve such as how long is the wait in line to go to the toilet? And simpler, less urgent problems, such as 1+1. There are also observation skill games – try finding how many bananas are on the page.

This book is an excellent primary school classroom resource. And it’s a lot of fun.

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