13 April 2009

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins

by R A Spratt

Random House. Junior, Australian. Paperback rrp $14.95

What child wouldn’t like to have a nanny that:

a) loved chocolate more than vegetables
b) believed spending money on boring school clothes would be better spent on a day at the zoo and … eating chocolate
c) was fired out of a cannon when working at the circus
d) was a pig.

Well Nanny Piggins is all that and more. Nanny Piggins runs away from the circus and is hired by Mr Green as the nanny for his three children, Derrick, Samantha and Michael. Mr Green is too busy to notice anything about his three children. If they are quiet and not bothering him, he is very happy.

Nanny Piggins is loved by the Green children and takes them on some wonderful adventures. She is very good at keeping the children and their father happy. Even when a 10 foot dancing bear moves in, Mr Green is blissfully oblivious.

Nanny Piggins will delight children everywhere with her antics. Each chapter is a short story in itself so it is a very good book for children who like to read in short bursts. A funny fantasy for children aged 8 to the age when they don’t need a nanny anymore.


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