13 April 2009

3 Willows. A new sisterhood grows.

by Ann Brashares

Random House. Young Adult. Paperback rrp $17.95

This book is everywhere, riding on the coattails of its author’s best seller, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. But there is no need to do that. This is a book that will sell without being a little “sister” to another. It doesn’t need to hitch a ride.

3 Willows is the story of three teenage girls, Jo, Ama and Polly, who have grown up together, bonded and now, before starting high school, are starting to grow apart.

Jo has started hanging around other girls at school and being seen with Ama and Polly will not help her fit in with this new crowd. Ama is only interested in her smart friends and her books. And Polly doesn’t seem to be growing up as fast as her friends are and is feeling more and more left behind.

The summer break is starting and the three girls are spending the last summer before high school in very different settings. Jo is staying at her family’s beach house and working as a busgirl. Ama, surprisingly for a definite indoors type, has earned a scholarship on a wilderness trip. This is not what she expected. And Polly. Polly has no direction and now, no friends. She decides to embark on a modelling course.

All three girls, must face what they have left behind and where they are heading. And when tragedy, adversity and heartaches come to them, they realise that a life long friendship is something extremely hard to find.

A wonderful willow tree metaphor interweaves with the stories of the three girls.

‘The seeds of the willow are carried by long, silky white strands and widely dispersed on the wind.’

This book may be targeted at teenage girls but I loved it and my teenage years have left me many, many years ago.

The only question now … When is book 2 coming out?

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