11 March 2009

Mac Slater, COOL HUNTER, Book 2 - I ♥ NY

by Tristan Banks

Random House. Australian, Young Adult, Junior. Paperback rrp $16.95

Mac Slater is an Australian teenager who has been sent to New York City with his best friend, Paul, by the creators of Coolhunters, Tony and Speed. Coolhunters is a popular website where kids like Mac and Paul, post the latest thing in “cool”. Their “coolness” is judged by the number of hits they get.

Mac, Paul and Mac’s dad arrive in NY where everything starts to go wrong from the moment their foot touches American soil. Tony and Speed are nowhere to be found and they don’t answer their phones. Mac has no other contacts and no money. His father has very little cash and doesn’t own a credit card. After 24 hours in the city, with lots happening … and not all good … they finally meet up with Tony and Speed and are given their assignment.

Mac and Paul have less than a week to compete in cool-hunting with other kids from around the globe.The prize – an assignment in Shanghai in a few months’ time.

When Mac and Paul meet Melody, who has some really cool skates, as well as, a computer/phone glove, they think they have hit the jackpot.

Melody takes them to The Hive – an abandoned old boatshed where a lot of innovative kids are creating a range of cutting edge inventions that anyone would truly love to get their hands on. After visiting The Hive, Mac wants to upload one of the inventions onto the Coolhunters website. He knows it would win hands down but Mac has promised Melody that he will not tell a soul about the Perpetual Motion machine. And the last thing Mac wants to do is cross Melody or more importantly, the instigator of The Hive, Joe Gatt.

Trouble seems to follow Mac from page one to the moment he leaves the shores of America. Does he win? What is really cool? Will there be a third book?

This was a great read. Fast paced and perfect for teenagers everywhere. There is a real life really cool website,
www.macslater.com.au, where there are heaps of extras and the opportunity to win a Nintendo DS – but you have to read the book first!

Tristan Bancks first book Mac Slater, Cool Hunter - The Rules of Cool was reviewed in Issue 11.


  1. where can I find this book I cant find it it looks cool. please respond to my email snowdrop@live.com.au

  2. Have you tried Tristan Bancks website or the macslater website? Maybe even the Random House website. I would suggest to get book 1 first to get you up to speed and also it is just as good.