11 March 2009


by PD Martin

Pan Macmillan Australia. Australian, Crime, Mystery. Paperback rrp $32.99

Here’s a book that kept my heart pumping a lot faster than it should. Brilliant, action packed and engrossing to the end. And not a drop of blood spilt! Well maybe a little.

The Killing Hands is a murder mystery that FBI profiler Sophie Anderson must solve. Anderson is an Australian working for the FBI in America who loves her job and loves her kung-fu.

When a Korean victim is found with his throat ripped apart, Anderson is called in to profile the killer. What Anderson uncovers is a man who used his bare hands with only one or two well placed punches/jabs to kill the victim. The killer is no ordinary killer. The victim is no ordinary victim.

The victim, Jun Saito, is the son of the first Korean born Yakuza godfather and he has been missing for the past 15 years, presumed dead. The killer is an expert in Kung Fu’s ten killer hands techniques and a highly paid Chinese hit-man. Why would a Chinese hit-man come after this Korean man? Why would Saito come out of hiding after fifteen years only to be killed in America, a country that he has never visited before? And who hired the hit-man and why? This is a plot full of questions.

The Killing Hands is the fourth Sophie Anderson thriller. I haven’t read the first three but I am now seeking them out. I’ll just have to give my heart time to calm down and return to a steady beat.

A wonderful book that all CSI fans out there will love. I did!

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