08 August 2008

Mac Slater, COOL HUNTER, Book 1 – The Rules of Cool

by Tristan Bancks
Random House. Australian, Young Adult, Junior. Paperback rrp $16.95

So you think you are cool? What is cool? And who decides anyway? These are questions I have asked many, many times. But to ask them means only one thing – I’m not cool!

Mac Slater doesn’t think he is cool either. In fact he is definitely uncool! But when Tony and Speed, the creators of Cool Hunters, approach him he starts to think he may be wrong. But how can Mac be cool? He lives in an old bus in a hippie commune on the outskirts of a popular surfing town in Australia. His mother sells fire twirling sticks at the local market and his father is an inventor and activist.

But Mac and his best friend Paul like inventing stuff. Like the light bulb that lights for an hour with just a few minutes pedalling a bike. Their latest invention, the flying bike, is what is going to make them famous.

When Mac is asked by Tony and Speed to compete against Cat DeVrees, the most popular and cool girl in town to see who will be the next Cool Hunter, of course Mac says no. He isn’t cool. But if he wins he gets a trip to New York. And Mac has always wanted to go to New York. What has he got to lose?

This is a great young adult read and one that most kids will enjoy, whether they be cool, uncool, geeks, revolutionaries or something completely different. Great website too.

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