08 August 2008

The Little Lunch Games

by Danny Katz. Illustrated by Mitch Vane

black dog books. Australian, Young Reader, Junior. Softcover rrp $16.99

Tamara Noodle was just about the fastest kid in the whole school. She could even catch all the boys in a game of kiss-chasey, but she especially liked to catch Battie.
One day Tamara arrives at school after watching the Olympics on television and decides to hold her own school Olympic Games. - because one day she will win a gold medal at the Olympics… because she can beat anyone at ANYTHING.

Tamara Noodle and her friends do all sorts of sports such as fencing, gymnastics, equestrian and steeplechase.

Battie doesn’t compete, sitting as far away as possible, when he hears Tamara yell Hey Battie, I bet I can beat you in the steeplechase! Battie is worried as he thought she wanted to people-chase and that means chasing him and kissing him. No way was Battie going to get a smooch from Tamara Noodle.

There are over six books in the Little Lunch series and they have sold more than 35,000 copies. The Little Lunch Games is another fun book and timely for young children to read with the Olympic Games happening.

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