14 June 2009

The good daughter

by Amra Pajalic

The Text Publishing Company. Australian, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $19.95

Sammie Omerovic is fifteen. She was always known to her friends and her mother as Sammie but now, her family calls her Sabiha. Sabiha is Bosnian. Sabiha is Australian. Sabiha is confused.

Sabiha is Australian born of Bosnian parents, but that shouldn’t matter. And it never did until her grandfather moves in with her and her divorced mother, Bahra. Sabiha’s teenage life is thrown into turmoil.

Now she can’t wear certain clothes, she can’t wear makeup and she definitely can’t be friends with non-Bosnian boys! Her hippy mother has turned into a prude and is only interested in one thing – her new Bosnian boyfriend, Safet – maybe he can make her more respectable in the eyes of the Bosnian community by marrying her.

Sabiha tries to be the good daughter but it is hard when her family life and school/social life conflict. All because of Bosnia!

The good daughter is the tale of a teenager with all the usual problems such as boyfriends, homosexuality and a sense of style in addition to the added conflicts of religion, Bosnian life and a mother who is bi-polar.

This multi-cultural story is frustrating, funny and sad with an ending that promises there is still much more to tell about Sabiha’s life. I hope so. Loved it. Want more!


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