04 September 2015

Musing From the Inner Duck

Michael Leunig’s new creation has 138 cartoons that illustrate the many forms of Man’s existential
angst, the cause of it, and the simple remedies which few people access. There are poems, reflections, recommendations, musings, mysteries, humour, thought-provoking issues, road rage, and so much more. Leunig touches on politics and politicians, the loss of humanity’s most valuable assets due to technology, Man’s obsession with power and material belongings, the lost art of moping, the loss of thought and creativity, and so many more personal, spiritual, philosophical and environmental issues.

 ‘How long will my life be? As long as a piece of string! Will my life have knots in it with loops and tangle-ing?’ When there are too many labyrinths to find a way through, Leunig’s captions and cartoons inspire. When forgetting who and what we are, where we began, and what our end is, Mister Curly and the man are always there to set you straight.

Leunig’s meaningful words and cartoons are profound, entertaining, and of great worth. There is comfort to be found in this book as with all his others. Reminders are logged to renew one’s self and recall what is important in life; that the world will keep on turning and the daily grind will go on regardless. There is visual reinforcement of these truths to be found in the reflection and silence promoted here.

There is no question that this is a valuable book for those who forget to soul search, turn inwards, examine, simply sit quietly, and persevere against the odds, and for those that do. When we lose our way, there is always the duck to give us direction.

Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Title: Musings from the Inner Duck
Author: Michael Leunig
Publisher:  Penguin
Publication Date: May 20105    $24.99 RRP
 Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780143573173
ISBN: 9780143573173
Type: Reflections/Gift Book

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