28 March 2014

Ava Anne Appleton: BK 2 - Up and Away

Ava and her family are off again on another adventure in their mobile home. Ava misses her friends and at times feels lonely. It’s difficult and boring at times being an only child. The fact that she is afraid of heights causes her to miss out on seeing all the beauty that surrounds her that others find amazing.

Bonnie and Ava meet while touring an old homestead at one of their stops. Incredibly, they are alike in almost every way. Even stranger is the fact that they live a few streets away from each other back home. Bonnie’s family is travelling around but camp in a tent.

When a storm hits, Bonnie and her family seek shelter in Ava’s mobile home. The families learn about each other’s different lifestyles. The new friendship strengthens. But can Ava overcome her fears when everyone else gets ready to go up together in a hot air balloon?

This is a terrific story about conquering your fears, alternate lifestyles, and the power of friendships that can be made under the most unusual circumstances. Another fantastic book by the gifted Wendy Harmer. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Title: Ava Anne Appleton:Bk 2 – Up and Away
Author: Wendy Harmer
Illustrator: Andrea Edmonds
Publisher: Scholastic Australia PB RRP $9.99
Publication Date: Feb 2014
Format: Paperback/Hardback
ISBN: 9781743621813
Type: Junior Fiction

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