10 September 2013

Sam the Cat

by Sam Bowring and Andrew Mclean

Working Title Press. Picture Book. 

Sam the Cat lives with Ian and Jane. Everything is perfect until the baby arrives. The proud parents decide to call the baby Sam.

So Sam needs a new name. He has lots of suggestions of his own – Lord Strongtail, Master of the House, King Ironpaw, Ruler of the Roof - but Ian and Jane decide his new name is Jack. Sam doesn't like it at all and he doesn't like how they spend all their time with the new baby.

He goes for a walk. Terrible things happen – a storm, mean alley cats and getting lost. When Ian finds him he is so happy to be home he decides the baby can stay. He doesn'teven mind being called Jack because now he knows his real name - Captain Boldwhiskers, Explorer Extroadinaire.

Every child loves a cat story. My young reader immediately picked this book off the review pile as soon as he caught sight of Andrew Mclean’s illustrations of cheeky Sam.

This book could be used to introduce a new baby to young siblings. The message is simple and clear. When a new baby arrives everything is different but everyone is still loved. 

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