13 May 2012

The Koala Bounces Back

by Jimmy Thomson, illustrated by Eric Löbbecke

Random House Australia. Australian, Children’s Picture Book. Hardback RRP $19.95

Karri the bouncing koala is a hero who helped save children from a fire. Now he lives in an area protected from men with dogs or saws, cars or trucks. It’s peaceful in Karri’s Corner.

That is until some cats move in. The small animals and birds are now frightened and ask Karri to move them on.

Karri asks the cats to move on but the cats refuse. They have nowhere else to live. When Karri threatens to turn to the humans for help, the cats get scared. Jinksy, the cat leader, realises there is need for compromise. So he initiates a game of footy… if the cats win they stay, if they lose they will move on.

And so the game begins.

This is a wonderful Australian story. It will teach young children about the Australian bush and what happens when native and domestic animals are forced to co-exist.

The illustrations are cute and cuddly like Karri, or scratchy and scary like Jinksy. Children will love reading the story and identifying native Australian animals. I loved the big, tall emu.


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