03 May 2012

About Face

Words by Robert Moore, Pictures by Monkeystack

IP Kidz. Australian, Children, Picture. Hardcover RRP $26.00

About Face is a funny, quirky and definitely colourful story of a boy who has a dream that his facial features leave his face and roam the house.
                “My eyes jumped out of their sockets.
                My nose fell on the floor.
                My ears unscrewed themselves.
                Then my lips slid off my mouth.
                And opened the door.”

The adventures of six appendages (two eyes, two ears, a nose and lips) making pies, listening to music and sneaking about the house will delight children. The wonderful 3D graphics will mesmerise the reader and I was just waiting for the eyes to blink.

A wonderful and different story that is soon be turned into an animation film. Now that will be one to keep your eyes and ears posted out for…

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