02 April 2012

The Smallest Bilby

and the Easter Tale

by Nette Hilton, illustrated by Bruce Whatley

Working Title Press. Australian, Picture, Children. Hard Cover RRP $24.95

Reading The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Tale reminded me of the magical Christmas stories I read as a young child. Only this time it was about Easter.
Billy and his little band of bilbies are on their way to deliver Easter Eggs to all the wildlife in their habitats. They must be silent, quick, not get caught; and hide the eggs where the animals will find them. Then an accident happens and one of the bilbies is stuck. What will they do? How will they get all the eggs delivered before Easter morning?
A wonderful tale which brings a bit of Australian tradition to a world-wide holiday. Bruce Whatley’s beautiful and colourful illustrations are so cute, I just want to reach out and cuddle one of the bilby’s.
Just in time for Easter – here is a book that should be read on the night before Easter…
The Reading Stack reviewed Nette Hilton's Pyro Watson and the Hidden Treasure in February 2010 and Bruce Whatley's Zoobots and Martha Doesn't Share in June and October 2010 respectively.

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