25 April 2012

Millie’s Special Something

by Tania Cox and David Miller

Working Title Press. Australian, Picture Book. Hardback RRP $24.95

Millie is a small dinosaur with a beautiful, feathery tail. She has lots of friends and they like to play. But when big bad Reggie comes and frightens Millie, her friends gather round to save the day. They all have unique talents that scare Reggie away but all Millie can do is shake with fright.

Millie goes home, alone and upset, wishing she had a special talent too. Along comes Reggie again and this time her friends aren’t there to save her. Maybe Millie will end up being Reggie’s dinner. But as Millie turns away to hide, something miraculous happens and Reggie ends up begging Millie to stop. Millie finally finds her special something.

This is a wonderful story that answers some of the age old problems of childhood fears and bullying. David Miller’s unique paper sculptures on painted backgrounds give the story a striking 3D effect. My favourite, but scary, page is of Reggie and his big spotted tongue and bulging eyeball. Children will delight in turning the pages and reading how Millie overcomes her fears and they will enjoy “patting” her feathers and poking Reggie in the belly. A fun story with a very real underlying theme. Excellent.
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