29 April 2012


by g.n. Hargreaves

Hardie Grant Egmont. Young Children. Paperback RRP  $17.99.

douglas is the story of a dog. Not just any dog but a very clever dog. Douglas likes to do things that humans like to do, such as playing the tuba, sorting his stamp collection and driving his car. He doesn’t care for things such as chasing cats and balls, or drinking out of a bowl and going for walks.

Douglas was very clever indeed, however, he was very sad as well. Douglas could do anything he put his mind to except for one thing.

Douglas could not wag his tail.

And this is where douglas the story begins. How does a smart dog who can do anything set about to do the impossible? With the help of a bird named Basil. That’s when the fun begins.

A cute story of a dog reader’s will fall in love with. The drawings are simple, colourful and children will delight in seeing all the different poses Douglas can do. Included at the back of the book are over 20 stickers of Douglas and Basil.

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