04 March 2012

I Love You Book

by Libby Hathorn, illustrated by Heath McKenzie

IP Kidz. Australian, Picture, Children’s. Hardcover RRP$26.00

A wonderful romp along with Libby Hathorn’s words and Heath McKenzie’s funny and colourful drawings, I Love You Book tells the story of a young girl and the books she meets.

‘The pictures that you show me,
The stories that you tell.’

‘Yes, book you are my friend,
And though you take me far away,
You always, always, always, book,
You bring me home again!’

This is a book that children will enjoy reading, because it is just that… a book about reading and the stories that you discover along the way. For any child that doesn’t like to read, this may just be the right book to get them started. For others, it is a gentle reminder of why we love to read.

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