16 March 2012


by Karen Tayleur

black dog books. Australian, Young Adult. Paperback, RRP $18.99

An accident. Six people, five seatbelts, one car. The conclusion seems forgone. But the big question is who of the six individuals whose only common link is the school they attend. Four are in relationships. Two are football jocks. Two are best friends. One is the party boy. One is the school brain. In their final year at school, they are looking forward to the Year 12 Formal.
First, Tayleur takes us back several months when these six individuals have no interaction with each other. What seems to be a totally random event, entwines all six together in secrets and lies.
Each character tells their own story of how they end up in that car on that night. Everyone has their reasons. Some are innocent yet others are conspired and selfish. It doesn’t matter, the outcome is going to be the same.
This plot is clever, gripping and sucks you right in. Or should I say plots. I felt compelled to read through to the end as quickly as I could, … chasing from one ‘light bulb’ moment to the next, until finally I knew the answers. I never knew what was coming… the shocks are plentiful. Do not assume anything.
Karen Tayleur’s novels. Chasing Boys was reviewed in Issue 2 of The Reading Stack, Hostage reviewed in October 2009 and Halloween in Christmas Hills (The Legend of Stingy Jack) reviewed in October 2009.


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