14 November 2011

Ruby Blues

by Jessica Rudd

The Text Publishing Company. Australian, Adult Fiction. Paperback RRP $29.95

Ruby Stanhope is political advisor to the Australian Prime Minister, whom she helped get elected two years before. Ruby fell into the position whilst holidaying from England, knowing nothing about the Australian political system. She was perfect for the job. Efficient, effective and with an eye for detail.

But now Ruby’s life is falling apart. The never-ending fights with her partner, Luke, who got her her job in the first place, have escalated to the point where she never seems to have time for him, only for her job. Her long-distance sister, her gay aunt and pregnant partner are all trying to pin her down for her birthday. Then there is her new assistant who is over enthusiastic, super-capable and way too perky for Ruby’s frame of mind. Ruby is turning 30. A disaster slowly building up from the inside and waiting to explode.

With Ruby’s hectic schedule everything that could go wrong does and with the Prime Minister facing a losing battle with published leaks and bad press, Ruby’s job gets harder and harder.

With the complications of past male friend, present boyfriend and cute, single vet being served up on her platter, it’s a wonder Ruby has time to sleep. But Bettina, her new assistant, helps her in that department … accidentally.

Ruby Blues is a funny but could be a very real story of a woman who has it all except for the hidden obstacles that seem to ensure she doesn’t keep it. Ruby Blues is the sequel to Campaign Ruby, both of which I loved and would recommend to read separately or together.

The Reading Stack reviewed Campaign Ruby in January 2011.

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