02 September 2011

Star League

by H J Harper

Random House Australia. Australian, Junior. Paperback RRP $9.95

Reviewed by Sandy Fussell

Star League is a new, easy-to-read, series of books best suited to independent readers aged 7-10 years or reluctant upper primary readers.

The Star League consists of a movie star, werewolf, ninja, robot, zombie and animancer. Together they fight crime and solve problems. Each book is a Secret File based on one of the characters.

In Secret File 1: Lights, Camera, Action hero, movie star Jake must lead the Star League to rescue his friend Jefferson. In Secret File 2: Curse of the Werewolf, Connor Lowe (the werewolf member of the team) is having trouble when the criminal appears to be a werewolf. In Secret File 3: Raising the Dead, zombie Roger Romero’s magic potion is stolen. Without his Loosification Juice he falls apart! In Secret File 4: The Ninja Code, Asuka discovers a ninja threat to the Star League.

These books successfully target their audience with a mix of humour, worry, action and mystery. They are sure to prove popular with Zac Power and Space Scout fans.


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