03 July 2011

Fall Girl

by Toni Jordan

The Text Publishing Company. Australian, Crime. Paperback RRP $32.95

Reviewer – Barbara Brown

Here is a wonderful book that challenges classification. It has a bit of crime, a hint of mystery, a touch of romance and a smidgen of passion – and it is a very clever story.

Dr Ella Canfield is not yet in her 30’s and seeking funding for a very unorthodox research project – in search of the last Tasmanian Tiger, but not in Tasmania, around Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria.

Daniel Metcalf is the young, attractive, distracted wealthy benefactor who Ella is seeking funding from.

But both are not what they seem. One of them is posing as someone else – or is it both? One is wealthy – or is it both? One is a professional scammer – or is it both?

A brilliant story with some fantastic twists. Once you read Fall Girl you won’t believe anyone ever again!


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