12 June 2011

The Great Expedition

Written and Illustrated by Peter Carnavas

New Frontier Publishing. Australian, Picture book. Hardback RRP $24.95

Guest Reviewer - Jo Burnell

When illustrations partner with text to multiply viewpoints and reveal hidden meaning, a winner is born. The Great Expedition is one such winner.

The trials of Burke and Wills are mirrored in the modern day by two smaller heroes. Robert and Will head off with their brave and resourceful team under strict instructions as to their mission. Alas, things go wrong. Even the toughest fall by the way side. Thirst and harsh conditions threaten the expedition’s success.

Will anyone survive? This tale of friendship, resilience and courage is irresistible. Parallels with the historical expedition of Burke and Wills are poignant. I wonder if you’ll guess where these tiny travellers are trudging.

Don’t peek or you’ll spoil the surprise. The Great Expedition is a delight to explore, whether you are 3, 4, 104 or any age in between.

The Reading Stack reviewed Peter Carnavas' Sarah's Heavy Heart in June 2009.


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