06 June 2011


by Meg Cabot

Pan Macmillan Australia. Young Adult Fiction, Paranormal. Paperback RRP $14.99.

Reviewer - Sandy Fussell

Abandon is the first book in the Abandon trilogy which is an imaginative telling loosely based on the Greek myth of Persephone. Persephone was abducted by Hades, ruler of the Netherworld.

Pierce is always getting into trouble – family problems, friend problems – and then there’s the murdered teacher. And like Persephone, Pierce has now attracted the attention of the Lord of the Underworld. John Hayden is dark and handsome and always turns up to rescue Pierce at just the right moment.

He is also violent and aggressive and he wants Pierce to stay in the Underworld with him forever. Even if she’s not dead.

Although Pierce wants John, she has already had a near death experience and never wants to go back to the netherworld. She is torn between her growing desire for John and a need to be part of the living world with her family and friends.

Abandon is a promise of the wider story to come and I am already looking forward to Book 2, Underworld, due for release in 2012.

This is paranormal with a difference. It’ll make you start to think very seriously about life after death.


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