21 May 2011

Blood Ninja

by Nick Lake

Allen and Unwin. Young Adult. Paperback, RRP $15.99

Set in feudal Japan, this exciting adventure has all the action readers would expect in a tale of samurai and ninja. With a twist. These ninjas are also vampires – which is surprisingly good when explaining many of the supernormal skills attributed to the ninja.
This is a classic tale of a young noble boy, Taro, delivered for safe keeping to a poor fishing village family. He grows up unaware of his true heritage, happily helping his parents and spending time with his best friend Hiro.

Until the ninjas arrive.

Taro is rescued by Shusaku, a samurai who has become a vampire ninja. Taro, Hiro and Shusaku are now on the run. Taro must learn the ways of both ninja and samurai to survive. And perhaps even harder than that, when he finally discovers who his father is, he must decide where his loyalties lie.

Blood Ninja has all the elements of a great action historical adventure. With vampires!

The Reading Stack reviewed Nick Lake's book, The Secret Ministry of Frost, in July 2009.

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