27 March 2011


by Ally Condie

Penguin. Futuristic, romance. Paperback RRP $19.95

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

Reading Matched I found myself comparing it to the 1970’s movie Logan’s Run. When we think of the future we think we will go forward or completely back to the dark ages. What happens when we do both?

Cassia is turning 17 and she will be matched to her life partner. Who will that person be? Will he be handsome? They should get on as they have been perfectly matched. But when Cassia stands at the Matching Banquet to see her match up on the screen, something goes wrong and the screen remains blank.

Normally matches live in different Provence’s or sections and have never met, however on very rare occasions some people do know their match. When Cassia finds out her match is her best friend and childhood playmate, Xander, she is relieved (she knows him like a brother) and happy (Xander is the most handsome boy and she will not have to move away from her family).

However when Cassia goes home to look at the statistics and personality of her match another’s face displays. Only briefly, but long enough that Cassia recognises the face, her neighbour Ky. The Officials acknowledge the error and ensure Cassia that all is well, her match is still Xander.

Cassia’s life is dictated by the Officials. Everyone wears the same clothes, eats the same food and there is no difference in anyone’s life. Jobs are designated to what your family does and how well they do it.

Now matched to Xander, Cassia has what others would say is a perfect life. Everything will be happy and she will, if she hasn’t already, fall in love with her perfect man. They will live a disease free existence and die knowingly and happily on their 80th birthday. Perfect.

Except Cassia starts to question the mistake shown to her and everything now doesn’t seem right. What if the other boy was the right one? What if it wasn’t a mistake? Can Cassia do something that no-one has done for hundreds of years – choose?

Matched is a book I picked up and read in less than 24 hours. My problem is I want more and luckily it is the first of a trilogy so I can expect to continue on with Cassia’s story, hopefully soon. This is one book I will reread again and soon. The second book Crossed will be released in November 2011 in the US.


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