08 March 2011

Mademoiselle Lisa

by Delphine Perret

black dog books. All ages, picture. Hardcover RRP $14.99

Anybody that loves art will have a giggle and everybody else will also enjoy Mademoiselle Lisa. The famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci created comes to life in this quirky tale.

Lisa gets bored so she decides to disappear and taste the world that awaits outside the walls of the Parisian Louvre. What she discovers makes her want to go further afield and she ends up on the other side of the world in Las Vegas. But everyone misses the Mona Lisa and there are many fanciful theories about where the famous painting has gone.

Finally Lisa meets Sally and a wonderful plan is hatched which seems to work out well for all.

Mademoiselle Lisa may appear to be a children’s book but I think adults will enjoy it just as much if not more. The plain black and white illustrations with a touch of colour create a sense of artistic detail. We all dream of being famous – Perret has shown us another side of the celebrity life. Well done.


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