12 March 2011

Give Me a Chance

(My eight days with John and Yoko)

by Gail Renard

Walker Books. Biographical. Paperback RRP $29.99

Guest Reviewer – Ian Brown

Gail Renard was 16 years old and a huge Beatle fan since she first heard them in the early sixties.

When she discovered John and Yoko would be coming to her home city of Montreal for their famous Bed Sit In she knew she had to see them.

After having climbed the fire escape, climbing in through the window on the floor where the Lennon’s were holed up, she ended up knocking on their door. To her amazement, Yoko asked her to come in.

The next eight days she spent with the Lennon’s would be the most amazing experience of her life. Not only did she get to meet people like Timothy Leary, Tommy Smothers, she ended up playing on the recording of Give Peace a Chance.

This book is her story of those few magical days. It’s an interesting account of John Lennon’s life just prior to the end of the Beatles.


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