09 February 2011

Ghost Watch

The new Vin Cooper thriller

by David Rollins

Pan Macmillan Australia. Australian, Crime, Thriller, Mystery. Paperback RRP $25.00

Guest Reviewer – Ian Brown
Australia’s David Rollins has created a great series of adventure books involving special agent Vin Cooper. This is the fourth book and having only read Ghost Watch, I can’t wait to read the three previous books.

This is a gripping read from cover to cover. If you are a fan of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan or Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, then these books are for you.

In Ghost Watch, Vin Cooper, special agent for the United States, is on assignment in Kabul to protect an Afghan politician. When that goes wrong and the politician is killed, Vin is assigned to a cushy job in Africa looking after entertainers performing to American troops. Things go wrong again, and Vin and the entertainers end up in the middle of the African Congo fighting for survival.

From then on it’s a battle to survive involving corruption, various tribes fighting each other, slavery and gold mines.

David Rollins has written a story that puts you into the heart of Africa. Go there!


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