10 January 2011

Surf for Your Life

Grommets’ Edition

Mick Fanning and Tim Baker

Random House Australia. Australian, Children’s Non-Fiction, Autobiographical. Paperback rrp $19.95

Mick Fanning has a wonderful life of doing what he does best – surfing. And in a follow-up book to his popular Surf for Your Life, he has produced the Grommets’ Edition (a Grommet is a child surfer).

In the Grommets’ Edition you can read up on all the tips and tricks of becoming a world champion surfer, from choosing your board to doing exercises to build the right muscles. It’s also an autobiographical view of Fanning’s rise from being a Grommet to mastering the waves and the tour circuit.

Mick Fanning has had his share of ups and downs and he talks openly about his life, his family, his friends and his favourites – board, waves, surfers, movies.

Fabulous photos throughout the book with a poster included. An ideal gift for any hard-to-buy grommet/surfer.

The Reading Stack reviewed Mick Fanning and Tim Baker’s Surf for Your Life in January 2010 and Tim Baker’s High Surf in January 2007.


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