06 January 2011

The Kooky 3D Kid’s Cookbook

Hardie Grant Books. Non-Fiction Cookbook. Hardcover rrp $24.99

If you are on a diet – beware! The Kooky 3D Kid’s Cookbook is not to be looked at by hungry readers, you may just find while trying to grab a Superstar Sundae or a Chicken Coleslaw Burger that you end up with thin air. Take the 3D glasses off and the craving will, hopefully, abate long enough for you or your kids to cook up a storm.

The Kooky 3D Kid’s Cookbook is a wonderful and quirky addition to the bookshelf of any budding Masterchef. Not only are there some healthy, easy meals and desserts for children to cook (or eat), but each recipe is individually displayed in 3D and the preparations are laid out in easy steps some with helpful hints at the bottom.

This is a cookbook that kids will be fighting over to decide who wears the glasses. A great holiday treat for the children. Look out for the poor Shortbread Person who has lost his arm. I did say quirky!

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