01 December 2010

Snake Surprise

by J E Fison

Ford Street Publishing. Australian, Junior. Paperback rrp $12.95

Guest Reviewer - Jo Burnell

Somersaulting sausage rolls! What could possibly happen next? It’s never boring on Hazard River. There’s often a bit of the ridiculous mixed in with drama and mystery in this Series. A little brother loves to let the imagination run wild and when clues hint at someone in distress, who could blame him? Unexpected happenings turn into monumental adventures. Terrible villains are concocted, while the real ones are even freakier.

I can see Ben stumble backwards and bounce off the table. I stretch with Jack as his hands cling to the boat and his feet are stuck on the dinghy. Will the water’s current split him in two?

Snake Surprise will keep Middle Primary students glued to the page. Just when you think

 things can’t get worse, they do. There’s a strong hook to keep you reading at the end of each Chapter too. I couldn’t stop till I found out what happened in the end.

Although unfamiliar vocabulary offers a challenge, the benefits are in the tale. This will be a series that hauls a reluctant reader or two back to the page.

Thanks J E Fison. Don’t stop now!

Shark Attack and Snake Surprise were released together in 2010. Bat Attack and Tiger Terror will follow in March 2011.


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