05 December 2010

The Demon’s Covenant

by Sarah Rees Brennan

Simon and Schuster. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult. Paperback rrp $16.99

Mae and her brother Jamie have faced magic and demons head on before but now there is a far greater danger and only Mae can save Jamie, and their friends, brothers Nick and Alan.

Jamie is a magician and has been secretly learning his skills with Gerald, the leader of the Obsidian Circle, the same leader that originally marked Jamie as fodder for a demon. Magicians need energy and energy comes from humans that are “marked” to a demon. Slowly the demon will take their soul and the energy is handed to the magician. The more energy the more powerful a magician will become.

Nick and Alan are magician slayers and originally saved Jamie. Now Jamie is being wooed by Gerald, showing him what powers he has and how to use them. With different magician circles fighting for more power, Jamie, Nick, Alan and Mae have to seek the assistance of the magicians they normally want dead. Mae must complete a dangerous dance to call a demon to save her brother and her friends. But do any of them want her help?

The Demon’s Covenant is a sequel to The Demon’s Lexicon but there is no need, if you don’t want to, to read book one. But you would be missing a great story. I’m now eagerly awaiting the third book, well I am hoping for a third book.

The Reading Stack reviewed book one The Demon’s Lexicon in September 2009.


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