01 November 2010

The Trouble with Dogs

by Bob Graham

Walker Books. Australian, Picture Book. Softcover, rrp $15.95 

Australian author and illustrator Bob Graham is an undisputed master of the picture book, winning numerous awards internationally and locally. The Trouble with Dogs is a sequel to the multi-award winning Let’s Get a Pup.

Brought home from the Rescue Centre, Dave the pup is full of fun. Too much sometimes. He runs, he barks and he chews holes in the tights of Kate’s school friends.

Dave was small and wild. He slipped and he slid, he leapt and he skittered. “Take-me-as-you-find-me, don’t-care Dave.”

The family make excuses for him but when his behaviour doesn’t improve and he steals a cupcake from a guest’s plate, Pup Breakers are called.
“David, here!” The Brigadier does not tolerate any puppy nonsense and after just one session, Dave has lost his sparkle, his crackle and his fizz.
How will the second lesson go and who will ultimately teach who?
There is nothing more endearing than a beautiful puppy book, one with a touching story and energetic illustrations. The Trouble With Dogs ticks all the boxes. Bob Graham’s illustrations are full of fun and frolicking. Dave is a dog every reader will want to hold close.

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