29 September 2010

Moment of Truth

The Fifth Volume of The Laws of Magic

by Michael Pryor

Random House. Crime, Fantasy, Young Adult, Australian. Paperback rrp $17.95

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

Aubrey Fitzwilliam is a young man on a mission. He is finally ready to declare his feelings to for Caroline, the friend he has secretly loved for many years. But then Holmland declares war. Aubrey and his best friend, George, decide to join the army together. However, when they enlist they are taken to different sections and are not reunited for several weeks and hours of intense training later.

Aubrey regrets not informing Caroline of his decision to enlist. Will this be the last straw for the two? When Aubrey and George are given a third partner in their espionage team, Aubrey is both shocked and happy to discover Caroline had some secrets of her own and the three set out to infiltrate the enemy ranks.

What they discover is something so sinister and evil, so horrific, it must be the work of Dr Tremaine. Dr Tremaine has grown in power and learnt many new spells. Spells that will unleash an invincible army upon Albion and the surrounding countries. Aubrey, George and Caroline have thwarted Dr Tremaine’s plans in the past but this time, with an increasingly stronger magical link between Aubrey and Dr Tremaine, could it be the end of the trio.

Moment of Truth is the eagerly awaited fifth instalment of The Laws of Magic series. Fans won’t be disappointed as Pryor’s storytelling continues to deliver. Yes there is magic between the covers of this book.

Also included is a sneak preview of the sixth book, Hour of Need although you will have to wait until early 2011 to find out what happens to Fitzwilliam, Caroline and Dr Tremaine.

Book three of The Laws of Magic, Word of Honour was reviewed by the Reading Stack in Issue 14. Book four, Time of Trial was reviewed in October 2009. We are big fans here at the Stack.

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