11 September 2010


The Strangers of Paragor Book 2

by Charlotte McConaghy

black dog books. Australian, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy. Paperback rrp $19.99

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

Six friends from Earth jumped through a porthole into another world. The world of Paragor. Each of the six landed separately on different islands. In Descent, Jack and Mia arrive two and a half years after the others. Their four friends, Harry, Luca, Jane and Anna, have already faced numerous battles to save Paragor and have grown older than them.

Harry is now a consort to a queen. Luca has traded his musical skills for something so dark it keeps him away from those he loves. Jane who has been missing has returned with a knowledge of past lives and the love of an Elf prince. Anna, with the cancer that is slowly killing her, has found a soul mate in her dragon. Jack and Mia must help not only save their friends from the evil darkness but also rescue their own relationship as their personas change. Mia finds out she was a queen in a past life and Jack has disappeared to find his true self.

The prophecy said that six strangers, the bright Ones, would come and save Paragor. But with all the six on the world of Paragor, the descent into the darkness begins. Will these six teenagers from earth with no special skills be able to conquer an unseen and unknown enemy?

Dark winged creatures fill the night sky and haunt the people of Paragor in their dreams. When their High King descends into an insanity that will cost the lives of all, the Bright Ones must try to conquer this black evil.

Fans of Book 1, Arrival, will not be disappointed. If you haven’t read Arrival you will easily slip into the story but I don’t recommend this approach. This is a series to be savoured, in order and in entirety. Book 3 is due out in 2011. My only disappointment was turning the last page of Descent and realising I had to wait for the next book

The Reading Stack reviewed Arrival: The Strangers of Paragor Book 1 in April 2009.


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  1. I Loved Arrival and really, really want to read descent! Thanks for the info, i needed that.