05 September 2010


by Georgia Blain

Random House. Young Adult, Australian, Crime. Paperback rrp $18.95

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

It is 1973 and a quiet Sydney suburb is rocked with the news that a young high school girl has been found dead. Presumed drowned. Did she kill herself? Was she pushed? Is this the work of a killer or was it just accidental? The questions and presumptions fly around Amanda Clarke’s school.

Amanda Clarke was the most popular girl in school. Her parents lived in one of the best houses in the suburb. She was School Captain and beautiful. Why would she kill herself? Was she pregnant? Was there a jealous spat? Darkwater tells the tale of what happens to a non-assuming suburb when something unexpected occurs.

Fifteen-year-old Winter’s brother was a good friend of Amanda and Winter tries to piece together what happened to a girl that should never have died so young. When Amanda’s friends start to turn on each other, accusing each other and looking sideways at the reality of what has happened, Winter digs deeper to uncover the dark truth.

A thought provoking book about how we view others and how circumstances make us judge and change. Darkwater is destined to become a favourite with young adults.

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