23 August 2010

Silk Chaser

by Peter Klein

Pan Macmillan. Australian, Crime, Mystery. Paperback rrp $32.99

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

Female strappers around Melbourne’s racing tracks are being viciously killed. The killer has left DNA evidence but the police are no closer in capturing him. Despite the words Silk Chaser written on the walls, no-one knows why he has chosen particular women. The only thing in common is the girl’s occupation. Horses are being pulled from races as the women in the industry grow nervous and the union is threatening to strike. The racing fraternity is worried.
John Punter is a professional horse gambler and the son of a stable owner. His life is complicated when he starts dating, Maxine. Maxine’s father is the biggest name in radio and also one of Punter’s father’s major clients. Maxine’s dad doesn’t think Punter is good enough for his little girl.

On top of this, Punter’s restaurant, Gino’s, is being threatened by a protection racket. John Punter has a lot on his mind. Add to that the Strapper Killer.

When the killer gets personal, Punter has little choice but to become involved. Can he find the killer’s identity before it’s his life on the line?

Silk Chaser is a great Australian crime story. The killer, when identified, will make you reread the book to see if you have missed something. But you, like Punter, will not have missed a thing. It’s just that the killer is smarter than you think. Brilliant!

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