13 August 2010

More Cakes for Kids

The Australian Women’s Weekly

ACP Books (Random House). Adult Non-Fiction, Children's Non-Fiction, Australian. Paperback rrp $29.95

Reviewed by Barbara Brown

This beautifully presented, bright covered, sparkling cookbook was sitting amongst a number of other books on my dining table when my six year old son’s eyes were drawn to it. Soon it was bedtime and the next thing I know he is sitting beside me with More Cakes for Kids in his hot little hands wanting to read it as a bedside story.

Yes it is a cookbook. Yes it is all about making wonderful cakes to delight children. And yes there is something there for everyone. My boy couldn’t decide on which cake he would like for his birthday so he has chosen two! He has even done an A4 drawing of each of the cakes to remind me. I only have six months to create them.

You can never go wrong with a Women’s Weekly Cookbook, the original cookbook is still used in my house, and after looking through More Cakes for Kids I am quite confident that my simple culinary skills will be able to handle all of these cakes. There are 70 cakes to choose from, from a Chicken Cake to Ice-cream Sundaes, from Board Shorts to a Circus Tent. There is even the selection of numbers. All children’s tastes (and some older people) will be happy. My son’s two favourites – the Buzzy Beehive and Tiny Town.

One cake book I would definitely recommend to have in your cupboard – you could even use the examples to create great adult cakes. And all ingredients including decorations are listed in the back with photos and easily accessible from your local supermarket. A template sheet is tucked away nicely in the back sleeve of the book for extra help in your next creation. Let’s get cooking.

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