17 July 2010

Pen Pals Forever

Summer Days

by Lenny Pelling
Random House Australia. Junior Fiction, Australia. Paperback, rrp $9.95

Polly and Jez were as close as two friends could be.
Two friends who had never met, that is.

Like their grandmothers and mothers before them, Polly and Jez are pen pals. In this first book in the series, Polly is on holiday travelling around Australia with her grandparents. Jez receives Polly’s postcards and imagines she is having the same adventures. When Polly bodysurfs with dolphins, Jez hangs ten under the sprinkler. When Polly visits the Big Nectarine, Jez and mum make a nectarine upside-down cake.

Beginner readers, particularly girls, will enjoy this simple chapter book story of friendship, travel and imagination. Newly emerging reading skills will be aided by the humorous cartoon style black-and-white illustrations and the predictive storyline.

The series also encourages letter writing with pen pal tips at the back of the book suggesting “Where do I begin?” and “What do I write?” With these helpful instructions young readers can begin pen-palling as soon as the last page is turned.


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