13 July 2010

The Named

Book 1 of Guardians of Time

by Marianne Curley

Allen and Unwin. Young Adult, Fantasy. Paperback rrp $16.99

There are many things Ethan has seen in his seventeen years that he wishes he hadn’t. Starting with when he was four years of age and witnessed his sister’s death (or was it murder?). Since then Ethan has struggled to be a normal child - growing up with a mother who won’t leave the house and a father who seems distant and distracted. At night he has to contend with the darkness of his dreams, desperate to avoid the message they seem intent on sending.
But Ethan is also Named. A chosen person who can travel back in time to set things right after the Goddess of Chaos and her Order have played around with history. Ethan has other special skills as well but as he grows older he finds it increasingly hard to keep these skills to himself.

When Ethan learns that his ex-best friend, Matt’s, younger sister, Isabel, is also Named and he is her teacher, life becomes increasingly complicated. How can he train Isabel without letting Matt understand the truth of who Ethan and Isabel truly are?

When more Named show their true identities, Ethan must make decisions that could cost him his life.

The Named is the first book in a trilogy but stands alone as a complete and entertaining read. The Dark and The Key are the other two books in the series.


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