05 July 2010


by Shirley Marr

black dog books. Young Adult, Crime, Australian. Paperback rrp $18.99

“My Name is Eliza Boans and I am a murderer.”

Eliza Boans is a teenager with everything. She lives with her high-profile lawyer mother in a large house in a perfect gated community. She goes to the local high school inside the gated community with her perfect friends. When Eliza invites a new girl into her close knit group who would think this simple gesture would lead to murder.
Three friends, Eliza, Lexi and Marianne, are sitting in different rooms at the police station. Not allowed to speak or see each other. But the new girl who joined these three friends in the beginning isn’t there. She has been allowed to leave the police station. What has she said that has given her her freedom? What have Eliza and the other girls done? And to whom?

Eliza sums up the situation to the police psychologist…

"They’re the Furies. The goddesses of vengeance. They’re responsible for those that commit crimes against women and remained unpunished.”

Fury is a young adult fictional story that will rope you in from the first page. You are tempted to read ahead to find out who, what, where, but don’t. The ride is fast, furious and definitely worth the read. A book that is aimed at teenage girls but the boys will enjoy it just as much.



  1. I found your blog via the Australian Book Bloggers Directory. I love meeting fellow book bloggers and I love meeting Australian book bloggers even more! :) Nice to meet you.

    And the plot thickens...

  2. Thanks Rachel
    We love books here and it's great to see so many great Australian authors out there.
    Thanks for your great feedback.