21 July 2010

Book of Lost Threads

by Tess Evans

Allen and Unwin. Australian, Adult Fiction. Paperback rrp $27.99

Before twenty-something Moss turns up on Finn’s doorstep in search of her heritage, the only information she has is his name and that he is a brilliant mathematician. What she doesn’t expect to find is a man who gives her a sense of hope and understanding about her two mothers, two very different women who each wanted her to grow a certain way.

Finn has hidden from everyone in the small village of Opportunity in the middle of Victoria. His demons haunt him daily and he has nowhere to turn. He has run out of options and must face the deep rooted thoughts of his past.

Two other souls in Opportunity, Mrs Pargetter and her nephew Sandy are the only other people that Finn communicates with. Mrs Pargetter, his neighbour, is an elderly widow with hints of an unbearable sadness. Sandy is the joke of the town. As the only living relative of the man who created Opportunity, he is planning to put his beloved town on the tourist map with a Great Galah sculpture in honour of his dead father.

These people, each with their own ghost hanging over them, need to find a way to confront their problems and get on with their lives. Can four broken people use their united strengths to save the town of Opportunity while saving themselves.

Book of Lost Threads is a story of ordinary people. A story of family and a sense of where you belong. Sometimes funny, occasionally sad but always a wonderful journey of hope, forgiveness and courage.

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