11 June 2010

Politically Incorrect Parenting

by Nigel Latta

Harper Collins Australia. Adult Non-Fiction. Paperback rpp $27.99

Have you got a child under twelve? Are you pulling out your hair on how to stop these children from driving you around the twist? Are you sick of all those self-help gurus who TELL you what to do? You need to read Politically Incorrect Parenting.

I have one child left in the young mind moulding age and thought I would just skim through this book. I have two older kids and they are fine. Yeah I still have to yell at them to do things, going blue in the face while they just grin and walk away. I don’t need to be told how to raise my kids. I’m doing ok.

Who am I kidding? After reading the Preface I then went to the Introduction, next I found I was hooked into reading all the way through.

Nigel Latta is a Clinical Psychologist but he is also a father and readily admits to his mistakes. There are things in this book, simple things, that I have now tried and my family life is already starting to change. The older two may take a little more “power of persuasion” but I think they will come around.

If you want to know how to get your kids to eat the right foods, stop the yelling and screaming or even just tidy up their room, Politically Incorrect Parenting is the book to read.

Keep an eye out for The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show which will air on Channel Nine later this year.


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