15 June 2010

Nearly Departed

Welcome to Weirdsville...

by Rook Hastings

Harper Collins. Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery. Paperback rrp $14.99

Five teenagers living in Woodsville with nothing in common except they all attend the same high school and have some classes together. Then one mysteriously draws the other four together when she needs their help. Everything in Woodsville was strange before but now it becomes very weird. Welcome to Weirdsville.
Jay is the nerdy geek who thinks there is a parallel universe. Bethan is the goth chick who doesn’t belong in Woodsville. Hashim is the popular football star but he doesn’t want to tell anyone what he sees. Kelly is the beautiful girl, scared for her life. And then there is Emily. No-one seems to notice her until she appears quietly and meekly in the background.

Emily’s mother is missing and the five band together to try and find answers. But in Woodsville there are strange things happening and nobody will admit to anything. What these teenagers don’t see is much scarier than what they expected.

Nearly Departed is a ghost story that has some wonderful twists that I missed right up to the end. And yes September 2010 will see the release of the sequel. I can’t wait!

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