27 June 2010


by Amber Kizer

Random House. Young Adult. Paperback, rrp $18.95

Meridian doesn’t know she is a Fenestra, half-human and half-angel, a window souls pass through to find peace in death. She doesn’t understand why dead things are attracted to her until on her sixteenth birthday, destiny crashes headlong into her life.

But Meridian is not ready to assume her role and can’t help the accident victims strewn around her. Meridian’s parents tried to protect her for as long as possible and have not taught her what she needs to know. Now she has to leave them or her entire family will be in mortal danger. She is sent to stay with Auntie. Auntie is a Fenestra too and can help teach Meridian but Auntie’s time in this life is almost up and she grows weaker every day.

That leaves Meridian with only her handsome sworn Protector Tens, their wolf Custos and the remote possibility a warrior Sangre will arrive to help them battle the evil Aternocti who want to kill every Fenestra who won’t join them. Hiding behind a religious zealot, the Nocti are drawing closer and closer with increasingly violent steps. Meridian needs to learn fast so she can survive and find other Fenestras.

A paranormal tale with a little romance and a classic good versus evil plot, Meridian is an enjoyable and entertaining read.


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